Robert Marlow - The Future Remixes Album-CD

Robert Marlow - The Future Remixes Album-CD

10 EUR
Limited Remix-Album with many international acts..and the tribute-remixes for the Synth-Pop-Legend Mr.Robert Marlow!


1.The Future (Diskodiktator Remix) 4:26
2.Smile (A Different Tune By KATElectric) 4:52
3.Too Far (Framework Remix) 3:11
4.Robosexual (Sub Zero Remix) 4:00
5.The Future (Glamtronica Redux By Eddie B.) 4:20
6.Smile (Reset Remix By Angst Pop Featuring Technomancer) 4:53
7.Robosexual (Kellertechnik Remix) 4:14
8.Too Far (Original Mix By Gary Durant) 4:36
9.Robosexual (Original Mix By Gary Durant) 3:30
10.Too Far (Octolab Remix) 5:25
11.Attitude (Dark Attitude Remix By K-Bereit/Cobalt 60) 3:43
12.No Heart (Vince Clarke 2001 Dance Remix) 4:40