Zeigeist - The Jade Motel Swedish Album CD (Digipack)

Zeigeist - The Jade Motel Swedish Album CD (Digipack)

15 EUR
Unterrated album here in Germany & Europe!  

Exclusive Distribution in Germany via Electro-Shock-Records with friendly permission by Spegel / Stockholm.

Zeigeist were a Swedish electronic music band and art constellation, formed 2006 and split up 2009. They started as a collective of several artists, musicians and designers and created the art'ntainment concept. Their debut album The Jade Motel was released in Sweden on 30 April 2008. They were by then only three members: Pearl, Princess and Mattias. Zeigeist were characterized as an electropop band with remarkable performances and shows, with a clash of music and art performance.

"A perfect mix between excellent swedish bands like Alice In Videoland and The Knife!"...a milestone in the electronic music genre ... and we´re gladly to have this album now on board!


1 Humanitarianism 3:25
2 Tar Heart 4:00
3 Wrecked Metal 4:43
4 Room 25 0:23
5 Bunny 3:24
6 Black Milk 3:47
7 Cuffs 3:29
8 The Lake 4:08
9 Pressurized Chamber 4:04
10 Fight With Shattered Mirrors 3:27
11 4th Floor 0:30
12 Dawn/Night 3:42