Zeigeist - The Jade Motel German Album CD + Bonus Tracks (Jewelcase)

Zeigeist - The Jade Motel German Album CD + Bonus Tracks (Jewelcase)

13 EUR
Zeigeist - "The Jade Motel" Album now available in an exclusive & very limited german edition with 2 bonus-tracks and in a jewelcase-edition!

Only 300 x copies to promote this swedish act here in Europe, Germany and the swedish digipack album CD!

Fan Reviews / Comments from Amazon.com

"The Jade Motel lp is a killer act"

"In a bowl, mix 2 cups of The Knife with 1/2 cup of Goldfrapp and 1 heaping teaspoon of Scissor Sisters. Add 3/4 cup of Vodka and stir. Bake in a pentagram-shaped pan at 451 degrees until charred on top and irridescent pink in the middle.Remove from oven and slather on blue-black icing made of Bang Bang, New Order, Daniel Ash, and your fave 80's night CD. "


1 Humanitarianism 3:25
2 Tar Heart 4:00
3 Wrecked Metal 4:43
4 Room 25 0:23
5 Bunny 3:24
6 Black Milk 3:47
7 Cuffs 3:29
8 The Lake 4:08
9 Pressurized Chamber 4:04
10 Fight With Shattered Mirrors 3:27
11 4th Floor 0:30
12 Dawn/Night 3:42

Exclusive Bonus-Tracks (on this special release)

13 Chasing all your shadows around
14 Wrecked Metal (The Cello Version)